The acoustic guitar is core to my sense of self, well-being and self-expression. Whether it is true or not, I have a sense of being able to be the most articulate I can be with an acoustic guitar on my lap. Without it, I would be an existential wash-out – or so I fancy. I’m not sure that all this is an optimum state of affairs with respect to the practicalities of day-to-day practicalities and whether it has any cause and effect relationship to oher areas of my life where I let myself and other people down – or fail to organise and carry out the daily tasks of life. Ho-hum.

I have four operable guitars, one that is merely shaped like a guitar but which nevertheless has a world-renowned brand name on the headstock, and one which is no longer materially with me but remains important to me. We’ll talk no more of the merely-guitar-shaped entity, but the sub-pages here I lovingly devote to four “players” and the one ghost.

I hope you find them interesting – I had fun preparing them!

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