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Website Update

I admit that I’ve left this place to gather dust and I apologise to you if you have tried to follow links that have progressively become broken or redundant over the past while. Anyway, I’ve spent some time repairing these and removing things that were out of date or no longer relevant and it should all work now.

In particular I have overhauled and brought up to date the notation and tabs to the songs on the CDs and some “Celtic” guitar things (edit: Celtic notation and tabs temporarily taken down for rework). I hope you will visit and enjoy these. I’ve also included links to my songs on Apple Music and Amazon Music. Also you’ll notice the Spotify widgets in the sidebar on the right!

I should have done all this ages ago but life got in the way.

I plan to make some more improvements as time allows.

2 thoughts on “Website Update

  1. Thank you, Dave!

  2. Nae worries Nick. Waiting to get some time in a quiet place to listen to Alison.

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