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About Musicians and Day-Jobs (again)

Or should that be “Jobs and Part-time Musos”? Which gets in the way of what? What gets in the way of which?

Assuming musicianship has primacy, here are a few of my thoughts:

  • Day jobs would be OK if they wouldn’t take all day.
  • My degree of satisfaction with my day job is inversely proportional to the number of useful musical websites blocked by my day-job IT department.
  • No matter how much I play guitar in the evening, the office ventilation system is successful in stiffening my fingers all over again by 10.00 am next day.
  • Increased use of a workstation computer keyboard has nil effect on maintaining the looseness of a guitar player’s fingers.
  • A work / life balance would be possible if a day-job wasn’t necessary.
  • Day-job colleagues may become friends, but they never become fans.

Enough already. A future day-job client may read this back to me one day.

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