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More On Musicians’ Aches and Pains (well, mine actually)

In my 60th year I always keep a look out for wee niggles and aches that might be something could impinge on guitar playing. Well a couple of months ago I didn’t need to keep a look out. It slapped me right in the face – or in the neck to be precise.

I “pulled something” as I was drying my hair with towel. I didn’t think too much about it although I was pretty uncomfortable. Six weeks later I was thinking a lot about it and I was still.. er, uncomfortable. Long story short, it turns out I’ve done something to a nerve in my neck. Best advice I got from the medical boys is “patience” and “keep taking these three times a day”. I was not sleeping and I was not full of cheer.

So, no guitar. No singin’. No posts here (sitting at a computer: no could do for longer than 30 seconds). No nuffink.

But I’m back. Not 100% – I’ve got a numb thumb on my left hand which is irritating (if that’s not a contradiction).

Still, here we are. And what do you know? I can still remember mostly how to play my songs after nearly two months not picking up a guitar. Yippee!

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